Words about this collection... KrisJu was founded by nature lovers just like you! We understand that the busy you might not have time to slow down and enjoy nature, so we're here to rectify that. Here is a collection of eight photographs taken by us for you to enjoy. Each with its own distinct feel and meaning to it.


Sunny leaf is an enchanted forest, filled to the brim with these colour changing leaves. As the rays glimmer over the forest canopy, each leaf is illuminated with various shades of amber.


Coloured with a vibrant lime green, this species of tree is unique to the himalayan mountains. Well-loved by the native Himalyan black bear, these leaves provide vitamins and nutrition needed to survive the harsh climates of high altitudes.


This monument, often mistaken for trash, is quite the opposite. Acclaimed for its mysterious wish-granting abilities, whoever throws their recycling in this bin, will get a wish come true.


Found on the shores of Johnson, discovered by the infamous Botanist Dr Dwayne, this rock is found at the heart of the red sea on a deserted island. Adventurers travel far and long to experience the soothing properties of this rock.


Sort of like inception but phone-ception. A photo inside of a photo, sounds cool right? But don't compromise your experience by constantly taking photos, enjoy the moment.


Scientists have searched wide and far for this mystical plant. With only written records of its appearances in the most desolate corners of earth, will scientists ever find this beautiful flower?


Look no further for you have found the smartest animal in existence. See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. They are the epitome of wisdom.


Native to Mexico, Anthurium clarinervium is easy to care for, making it an excellent houseplant for beginning indoor garderers and plant collectors alike. Bring nature closer to you, by putting this in your home.


This collection can be viewed exclusively on . It is a private collection that belongs to Kristie and Sanju, the aim of this collection is to inspire you to go out and about to capture the best parts of your life.